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TWELVE STEPS:  Through Thinking To Go Beyond Thinking--


Pulling out the chair

Beneath your mind

And watching you fall upon God-

What else is there

For Hafiz to do

That is any fun in this world!

--Hafiz: I Heard God Laughing



1.           Thinking rightly corrects wrong thinking:  Reason clears our doubts:

Thought has imprisoned us: thought may release us.”  PB  Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga


2.           Using inspired texts: keep a quote in mind, take it into meditation.

We need to meditate more often on these reminding statements of the sages…  4.4.99


3.           Thinking directed to Overself can evoke a response, even a glimpse,

The object of all this thinking is to awaken within him a mood of soul, a mental atmosphere and even an emotional condition of aspiration toward Truth… Quest of the Overself.


4.           Words Point: Even to listen to the words has a value

“they may nevertheless evoke an intuitive recognition of its beauty;…” 28.2.59


5.           Bring reverence, worship, heart:  

It is not merely an intellectual exercise. …We must pray constantly to the Soul to reveal itself.  4.4.5


6.           Join intuition to thinking

Join intuition to it: then you will have intelligence. … 22.1.37


7.           Be still: Think deeply and put thinking aside:

Only he is able to think his own thought… who has trained himself to enter the Stillness, Perspectives 24.61


8.           Using Mind to look into the Mind 

   Using the mind to enquire into its own operation. The Inner Reality.  Ch. 7


9.           Self-inquiry: turn thinking back on itself

… atmavichara means thinking one's way into the real self.   7.1.9


10.      But thought alone is not sufficient to get reality.

We get over-educated, have to rationalize everything and spend time writing books and reading books which are not altogether worthwhile.-- 23.5.56


11.      Metaphysics of truth.

It makes use of abstract concepts which are concerned with the nature of the mind itself and which are furnished by seers who have developed a deep insight into such nature.… 20:4.65


12.       Ultramystic Path of Thinking and not Thinking into Reality

The ultramystic exercises follow after and are the sequel to ripe reasoned thinking.  23.7.3


*** Comments by Anthony on PB quotes on Thinking***